Supporting expatriates through online counselling

Picture of two people talking

Expatriates working in difficult and unstable environments can face extraordinary challenges. Aid and development workers, diplomats, security personnel and business people - and their accompanying families - often face stressful and insecure working and living conditions, and may witness or experience traumatic events.

Anyone working or living in such a situation can reach a point where they feel overwhelmed, isolated and unable to cope. This might show up as a lack of motivation, angry reactions, a sense of hopelessness, or relationship and other difficulties. This may be experienced while overseas but also on return to ‘home’. Often we have the resources to deal with these challenges but sometimes we don’t. This can result in anxiety, depression, trauma and burnout.

If you feel that you would like to get a clearer understanding of your situation and find a better way of coping or resolving your difficulties, then talking confidentially to a counsellor might be the way forward.

Having lived, worked and raised a family overseas in unstable and conflict-affected countries for over 15 years, I am especially aware of the challenges of this kind of environment and of accessing appropriate support. For returning expats, I also know how hard it can be readjusting to life in your home country. I therefore offer online (Skype) counselling so you can get support wherever you are in the world. To help you decide if this is for you I also offer a free 30 minute non-therapeutic consultation.